Everyday life.


Luke is an only child, there is no one “fun” to play with here at home. And while we love our neighborhood, it is pretty transient, so anytime someone to play with moves in, Luke may eventually meet him, but they don’t stick around long. So, Luke has learned to find independent fun.

His latest kick is scootering.

21 01 scootering
You can see his pump peeking out of his pocket in this blurry one.

He starts on the porch and works his way down the driveway, across the front sidewalk, up the sidewalk to our house, and back onto the porch.

21 02 scootering

Over and over…

21 03 scootering

and over again.

21 04 scootering


We have found this is a great way to get a sugar high down into normal ranges. It’s the perfect combination of bringing down a low and having lots of fun.


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