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Nutritional Facts: Restaurants

A few days ago I posted the nutritional sheets for many fast food restaurants so that they’re easy to get to, in one link. (I’ll be saving it to my home page on my phone!)

Sometimes we actually have time to go out to a sit-down restaurant! And while we have a little more time to locate the nutritional facts, why not have them all in one place!? I’ll start with the restaurants we have around us.

Here we go!

nut applebees          nut bar louie           nut bdubs

nut bob evans         nut carrabbasnut cheddars      nut chilis

nut cicisnut corelife       nut flat top

nut fridays           nut golden corral

nut granite city           nut hacienda

nut ihob        nut logansnut longhorn          MCALISTER'S DELI LOGO

nut olive garden     nut outback    nut red lobster

           nut portillos              nut red robin

         nut texas roadhousenut steak shake      nut wings

nut scottys brewhouse     nut ruths chris     cracker barrel

If you have a restaurant you’d like added, comment with the name and a link to the nutritional facts and I can add it here.



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