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Kicking off fundraising season with MudLOVE bands!

Two years ago, we sold MudLOVE bands and they were a huge hit! We thought we’d bring them back this year!

The meaning of the symbols…

So what does it mean? The symbols stand for “love is greater than highs and lows.” Here at our house, we like say it’s both our own love and God’s love. As Type 1s, that might mean that loving each other is stronger than those tricky blood sugar highs and lows; we will stick with one another and be strong for one another even when we’re tired and frustrated. For non-Type 1s (and really for T1s, too!), it might mean that love is greater than any highs and lows in life – job promotions and losing a job, new babies and loss of family members, making good choices and making not-so-great choices. Those who love us will stick with us and love us. And for me, it’s a daily reminder that no matter what comes my way – whether it’s good or not-so-good – God loves me and is always there for me.

MudLOVE bands

Why MudLOVE?

I fell in love with MudLOVE many years ago. We happened upon their little shop in Winona Lake, IN and I bought my first band, one that read “loved.” I bought it for that little reminder each day, but also because for each band they sell, a week’s worth of water is provided to someone in need.

MudLOVE bands3

Two years ago, when I read that they do custom bands & bulk ordering, we decided to get our Type 1 mantra on a band. (Mostly because I’m too chicken to get it tattooed on my wrist.) And yes, each band sold through our fundraiser also provides a week’s worth of water to someone in need. My particular band says the Central African Republic. (I don’t know if that’s the same for everyone, and I didn’t want to open all of the bands to find out, so let me know!)

I also loved the fact that I was buying local. Winona Lake is only 40ish minutes away from my town.


So why should I buy one for myself?

Besides the facts that you are helping build our local economy and bringing safe, clean water to someone in need for a week?

Well, by purchasing a MudLOVE band, we will also be donating $5.00 from each sale to Luke’s Lifesavers for JDRF* for the One Walk in September! We work hard each year to raise money to give to JDRF for Type 1 Diabetes research to hopefully, ultimately find a cure. We hope & pray in Luke’s lifetime he will see the benefits of this hard work and will be able to throw away all of his needles, insulin, test strips, and everything else diabetes related.

MudLOVE bands4

Plus, each band comes with a 20% off coupon for your first purchase at MudLOVE so you can get yourself some more bands… or mugs, or shirts, or necklaces…

Ooooohhhh, yeah! I want one!

We are selling bands for $10.00/each. You have your color choice of black, gray, or royal blue. I am willing to ship them to you for a flat rate of $4.00 for up to six bands. (If you want more than six, we will figure out the shipping cost.)

If you are interested in purchasing a band, please comment below or visit our Luke’s Lifesavers Facebook page for details.

*The other $5.00 pays for the making of the band itself. We are not making any money for personal gains from the sale of these bands.


One thought on “Kicking off fundraising season with MudLOVE bands!

  1. I just came across your page. I was wondering if you still are seeing the T1 bands? My son is T1D and is really like to get 2 please.


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