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Nutritional Facts: Fast Food

Picture this… it’s a crazy day – school, work, meetings, sports practices, music performances, a house to clean, meals to cook…

If you’re anything like I am, the home-cooked meals are the first to go. On days like that, we will most likely run through a drive through and grab something on the way to the next activity. Arby’s, Wendy’s and Jimmy Johns are our top choices because you can eat fairly healthy at those places.

We order, get our food and are on our merry way to the next thing on the schedule. I often forget that Luke has a couple more steps before he can start eating and feel badly that I can’t help him search for the carb counts because I’m driving. So I thought I’d put the links to most fast food restaurants here for easy access! (Don’t worry – the “sit-down” restaurants will come later.)

fast food

Just click on the restaurant’s image & it will take you to the nutritional fact page.

mcdonalds           nut white castle          nut wendys

nut taco bell         nut sonic           nut popeyes

nut subway       nut qdoba

nut pizza hut          nut panera          nut panda

nut papa jons          nut noodles

nut moes          nut ljs          nut jack in the box

nut little caesars          nut in out

nut kfc          nut hardees           nut jjs

nut five guys      nut culvers

nut dq      nut dominos          nut chipotle

nut chick fil a         nut bk          arbys

My favorite nutritional facts are the pdfs. They easy to read on whatever device you are looking on. Unfortunately, many of the links are to “nutritional calculators,” which may be tricky to use on phones. (Some work, some don’t.)

If I’m having trouble with the links, I often use the My Fitness Pal or Calorie King app to find carb counts. Hopefully this is as helpful to you as it is to us!







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