Everyday life.


October must be the month for doctors. Luke had his quarterly endo appointment at the beginning of the month. (Yeah for an A1c of 4.9%!) During fall break, we made up a dentist appointment I completely spaced the week before. (No cavities!) The dentist was impressed with Luke’s height and shoe size, but not so much his dental hygiene. (Does anyone outside of the dentistry field really floss? Come on now.)

Yesterday Luke had his 13-year well visit. (I literally asked the nurse if it’s weird to do a 13 year well-visit. She said no, but I’m not sure I’m convinced. Is it weird?) Just like when he was born, Luke is 90ish percentile for height and 70ish percentile for weight. This year he had to do a teen questionaire. It asked about school, girls, and emotions, among other things. At the end of the survey, it asked what he would change about himself.

“I would change the fact that I have diabetes.”

Me, too, buddy. Me too.

It also asked what his two wishes would be. His first was “World Peace.” Then he was stuck because “if there was world peace, everything would be pretty much perfect.” I asked him if he would wish for no more diabetes.

“No. I want my wishes to affect more than me.”

Then he decided his second wish would be an infinite amount of money. Then, he could help everyone who needed it AND have fun buying stuff. (Smart kid, right?)

Today was his annual eye appointment with The-Eye-Doctor-Who-Takes-His-Job-Very-Seriously. Our funny kid was bummed he didn’t need glasses. The eye doctor did say there was a small start of a cataract in his left eye. (Is that normal? Even for a Type 1 only two and a half years in? I have no idea.) He said at this point it was very minor. So minor he isn’t doing anything about it. We told him we were pretty sure our dog had cataracts. And for the first time ever in two visits, the Eye-Doctor-Who-Takes-His-Job-Very-Seriously laughed out loud.


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