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Our cellist.

Luke has played cello in the orchestra for a year now. It’s amazing the difference between the 5th grade orchestra and the 6th grade orchestra. I remember sitting in the audience a year ago, listening to the sixth graders and thinking, “Seriously? That will be Luke in a year?” And one year later, it is him (and all 50-some of his orchestra buddies, too)!

22 08 luke and cello

Today was his spring concert. This year’s concert was a little different because it is our school district’s 100th year of orchestra. So to celebrate the centennial, they had a HUGE orchestra concert, grades 5 through 12. It was really cool to see the difference between all of the ability levels. (Although my bleacher bum begs to differ.)

22 03 orch concert

Luke’s portion of the concert was just before intermission. I’d been watching the Dex app on my phone through the first half so far, just to be sure he’s doing okay, which he was. All of the sixth graders filed in while the group prior to their performance was playing. I just happened to glance at my app again.

22 01 orch concert dex

What just happened!? He has no idea where we are, so I can’t make eye contact and give my magic mom hand signals that will cue him in on what’s happening. Plus, he is clear across the gymnasium!

22 02 orch concert arrow

I showed one of my coworkers who was sitting next to me. She and her husband thought I should go down and make sure he eats some sugar.

Nah, he’ll feel it. I trust him.

He goes down to 68… 65… and finally I see him put his bow down and dig in his pockets.

He was treating his low!

I knew he would.

Not two minutes later, he was playing along with his grade level. He didn’t miss a beat. Literally.

Also, because I’m not only a proud mom because my kid is kicking diabetes booty, but I’m a proud mom because he’s got mad cello skillz, here is my treat for you. The 2nd song from the sixth grade orchestra.

And, BONUS, because it sounds amazing and gives me goosebumps every time I listen, here is the grand finale, Ode to Joy, played by the entire GCS Orchestra, grades 5-12 (with a few alumni thrown in, as well.)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… and hopefully you got to sit in a more cushioned seat than I did.


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