Some days are just lucky.

Normally, when Luke is doing something new & exciting (and a little bit stressful) like camp, the first day of school or a birthday party, his sugars go crazy. High, low, low, low, high… there is no figuring out why it’s crazy or how to fix it.

So when we went out on the boat last weekend for some tubing and skiing, I was prepared. Juice & candy to bring up lows. Cheese sticks and nuts to stabilize it once his sugar was up. Lots to drink for highs.


Add all of that to extra site changes, an extra meter and test strips, a couple of glucagons, and plenty of alcohol wipes, there was hardly any room for us because I brought so many supplies!

We were out on the boat a good four hours or more and much to my surprise he didn’t have any true lows (you can see where he did a blood sugar test and it jumped up right after that red dot) and he certainly didn’t have any highs.


He did AMAZING out on the boat, in the sun, & having fun on the water!


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