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It’s Luke’s 2nd Diaversary!

Today is Luke’s 2nd Diaversary!


What does that mean? Two years ago today, Luke was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  The word diaversary is a mash up of the words diabetes and anniversary. Diaversary!

15 02 T1D hospital injection

Why in the world do you celebrate getting Type 1 Diabetes? We aren’t celebrating the fact that he’s got diabetes, but we are celebrating Luke! We’re celebrating his strength. We’re celebrating his courage. And we’re celebrating his perseverance.

diaversary photo.jpeg

Last year on his first diaversary, Luke wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast… and that’s what he got! He wanted homemade mac & cheese for lunch… and that’s what he got! And to round out his carbalicious day, he wanted to go to Cici’s Pizza for dinner, where he ate one piece of macaroni and cheese pizza and then decided he was tired of eating junk. Ha ha! This year, we are letting Luke call the shots again. I’m excited to see what he decides! (I’m hoping it includes something besides eating junk this year!)

Diaversary Card
Card courtesy of Beyond Type 1

While we’re spending our day doing all the things Luke wants to do, you can help us celebrate Luke’s 2nd diaversary! How? We’re having another giveaway! I’m so excited to partner with many of our favorite companies and offer some amazing products to you to try to win!

Each hour, starting at 8:00 a.m. EST, I will post a new giveaway. If you want to join Luke’s Lifesavers Facebook Page, the giveaways will be posted there as a reminder. However, to be entered, you have to comment on each blog post, not on the Facebook page.

Here’s what we’re giving away today! In no particular order…

Infusion or CGM Adhesives from ExpressionMed

Black “This Bag Contains My Pancreas” bag from Bags Made to Order

Cream “This Bag Contains My Pancreas” bag from Bags Made to Order

Two Beyond Type 1 Drop Hats

Percy the Snail from Beyond Type 1

Set of 5 lightning bolt Dexcom grips from GrifGrips

Set of 5 red & purple gardenia Dexcom grips from GrifGrips

Your choice of Diabetic SpiBelt

A pancreas plush and keychain from I Heart Guts

A $25 gift card to PumpPeelz

Three samplers from T1D Club

A $5 Starbucks gift card

A signed copy of Poking Fun at Diabetes by Dee Dee Diabetic

We’re excited to celebrate with you! I can’t wait to see who wins this T1 swag!


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