Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: $25 PumpPeelz gift card

giveaway2017-pumppeelz logo

When Luke got his insulin pump, he chose the Tandem t:slim because it looked cool with its touchscreen. A few months later, we learned about PumpPeelz. These can make his pump (and Dexcom, and meter) look even cooler! Luke has had a few different peelz during his year and a half of pumping. His first peel set was the Steampunk. He had one for both his pump and his Dexcom.

15 found dex
Luke and his Steampunk Dexcom

His pump malfunctioned a few months after he got the steampunk set, so with his new pump he opted for the Poke Ball Inspired set to coincide with his PokemonGo addiction.


A few weeks ago, he decided he was ready for something a little more classy and we ordered the Black Marble peel for his pump.

giveaway2017-black marble

We love PumpPeelz! They are one thing that makes having T1D a little more fun. You can get PumpPeelz for insulin pumps, glucose meters, Dexcoms, and even the Genteel lancing device!

Interested in trying PumpPeelz? Now is your chance! This second giveaway is for a $25.00 e-gift card to PumpPeelz! To enter to win, simply comment below and tell us which PumpPeelz you would choose! One lucky winner will be chosen on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.


21 thoughts on “Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: $25 PumpPeelz gift card

  1. I’m entering for a friend with two T1 daughters, so I’m not sure what they’d choose. I’m sure whichever one it is it would be super cool.


  2. We’ve thought about ordering these for a while but hadn’t heard of anyone having used them… Elsie loves all the flower prints so we’d most likely buy a plethora of flower one for her!


  3. We haven’t used pump peels yet, we are getting our pump next week though, so it would be great to have some extra incentive for our little guy to wear it!


  4. I would love these! I like designing my own patch peelz and dexcom transmitter. It makes diabetes look good and also seem to make the kids I work with super interested and fascinated with them

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  5. Would love to get Batman and Hearts for dexcom receivers to keep my son and daughter’s apart so I don’t get confused!


  6. We haven’t tried these yet! My girls would love donuts or flowers. Anything girly to make Diabetes stuff more fun!


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