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Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: Bags Made to Order #2.


If you saw our noon giveaway, you probably fell in love with the “this bag contains my pancreas” bag from Bags Made to Order. I absolutely LOVE them- so much that I ordered one for myself! Well, you not only had a chance to win a small bag earlier today, but now you can enter to win one of her large bags!

giveaway2017-pancreas bag large

Through this blog post, you can enter to win this large, off-white “this bag contains my pancreas” bag from Bags Made to Order. Don’t forget, you can follow Sharon from Bags Made to Order on Facebook and Instagram. And if you haven’t ordered a bag for yourself, go on over to her Etsy shop and get one for yourself… and one for a friend!

To enter, comment below with the date you or your loved one was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. A winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.


21 thoughts on “Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: Bags Made to Order #2.

  1. My daughter Molly was diagnosed Sept 6, 2016 at 5 years old.
    My son Collin was diagnosed Nov 6, 2016 at 1 year old.


  2. My daughter Elsie was diagnosed July 12, 2013 the day before her first birthday! Spending her first birth at the PICU at memorial. She’s almost 5 now!


  3. Daughter Addy dx 1/4/14 at 6 years old. Daughter Livy dx 10/18/16 at 7 years old We would love that bag! But I will have to order another one!


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