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Luke’s Lifesavers & JDRF Fundraiser: Multi-consultant LuLaRoe Event… going on NOW!

LLR Event Page Photo

We are on our 2nd day of our LuLaRoe Fundraiser for Luke’s Lifesavers & JDRF! Three consultants merged their inventory together to create a HUGE selection for you to shop! They have Americana, Nicole, Joy, Carly, Azure, Cassie, Irma, Classics, Perfects, Maxis, Madison, Monroe, Amelia, Lindsay, Julia, Randy, and Sarah for adults. AND THEY HAVE KIDS’ STYLES!! Mae, Gracie, Adeline, & Bianka. And, of course, they have leggings galore- from kids to tweens to adults, OS & TC.

LLR Fundraiser info

Just join our Facebook group, LuLaRoe Fundraiser for Luke’s Lifesavers for JDRF and start shopping! See you over there!


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