Type 1 Tips

Type 1 Tips: Keeping track of expiration dates.

It’s October… the best month of the year! As I turned the page in my planner this morning, I noticed this in the margin.

glucagon trick4

Because we {thankfully} don’t use our glucagon kits on a regular basis, I don’t think to check expiration dates. Earlier this year, thanks to my friend Sara, I decided to put the expiration dates and the locations of the glucagon kits in my planner at the start of the month in which they expire. I’m so glad that I did!

glucagon trick5

When I went to switch out the near-expired glucagon, I realized that the expiration date was practically rubbed off! I’m pretty sure this is the one that expires this month… (fortunately I wrote down the location, as well!)

glucagon trick2

To prevent confusion with the newer glucagon kits, I thought I’d protect the date from rubbing off by covering it with a piece of clear packing tape.

glucagon trick3

Now it can handle the day-to-day roughness of being carried around in a middle schooler’s bag all day and I won’t have to guess which glucagon kit expires in May.

What are your Type 1 Tips?


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