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Kicking off fundraising season with MudLOVE bands!

By purchasing a MudLOVE band, we will also be donating $5.00 from each sale to Luke’s Lifesavers for JDRF for the One Walk in September! We work hard each year to raise money to give to JDRF for Type 1 Diabetes research to hopefully, ultimately find a cure. We hope & pray in Luke’s lifetime he will see the benefits of this hard work and will be able to throw away all of his needles, insulin, test strips, and everything else diabetes related.

Fundraising · JDRF

Fundraising 2017: Gobena Coffee

I’m so excited to start our 2017 JDRF fundraising season! We’ve got some new ways to raise  money this year and will bring back a couple of the old ways! Our first fundraiser for this year is Gobena Coffee. Based out of Gridley, IL, they are all about giving back. When they aren’t hosting a… Continue reading Fundraising 2017: Gobena Coffee

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What T1D is NOT.

Type 1 Diabetes is not a direct sentence to eating only meat and veggies. Luke can eat anything he wants, within reason, just like before his T1D diagnosis. If he wants five tacos for dinner, he eats five tacos for dinner. (He is a 12 1/2 year old growing boy, after all!) If he wants ice… Continue reading What T1D is NOT.

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Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirts are waiting to be ordered!

Want a really cool t-shirt that supports a really great cause? Grab a Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirt! What is Luke’s Lifesavers? Luke’s Lifesavers is our JDRF One Walk team name. Luke helped come up with the name last July when we decided to create a team for the walk. Why are you selling t-shirts? We are selling… Continue reading Luke’s Lifesavers t-shirts are waiting to be ordered!