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A little more independence.

As of February 1st, Luke is 12. A sixth grader. Shoot, in just over eight weeks, he’ll be a *gulp* seventh grader. With the honor of being a junior higher, comes the honor of gaining independence & responsibility. We’ve really been working hard on this responsibility thing. We cut him a little slack after he was diagnosed… Continue reading A little more independence.

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Play with me.

It seems it takes me a lot longer to type up a blog post these days. I wonder why.

Everyday life. · Finn the Great

We call him Finn.

When Luke was 4, we bought him a puppy- the cutest little Yorkie-Poodle you ever did see. We named him McCarthy. McCarthy James. The dream, the goal, was that Luke and McCarthy would grow up together and be the best of buds. What we didn’t think was McCarthy would become a mama’s boy and want… Continue reading We call him Finn.