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Even if.

You may have heard the song “Even If” by Mercy Me. It’s a favorite of many and is often finding it’s way to me via the local radio airwaves. What you may not know is the story behind the song. Listen… “I know what [God’s] capable of… and even if He doesn’t come through, He’s… Continue reading Even if.


You know you’re a T1 Mom when…

You know you’re a T1 Mom when you don’t freak out after finding a used needle and syringe sitting on your son’s desk.

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Being schooled.

Recently, in science class, Luke had the opportunity to dissect a frog. He was pretty excited about it because he’s still tossing around the idea of going into the medical field when he grows up. When I picked him up from swim practice, he immediately pulled out his phone to show me the pictures he… Continue reading Being schooled.

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Play with me.

It seems it takes me a lot longer to type up a blog post these days. I wonder why.

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It really does.

New {random} blog post. Smells Like Insulin|It really does.