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We survived our first sick day.

At our last appointment with our diabetic educator, we went through the ins and outs of a sick day. Sick days look completely different when you are a Type 1. There are many precautions we have to take and things we have to keep a close eye on. Sugars can go crazy high or crazy… Continue reading We survived our first sick day.


A new norm

Carb counting & insulin dosing.

Just a quick peek at my planner. It’s been overtaken by carb counts, sugar levels and insulin doses! And, yes, he went to youth group. It was another one of those “letting go” moments for me. Nevermind that I sat in my car in the parking lot, watching like a hawk. He didn’t know.

A new norm

Baby steps.

Luke missed the first few summer orchestra practices. (Thanks, diabetes!) Today was his first day back. It’s only an hour or so. But it was the longest hour of my life. No communication whatsoever with Luke for over an hour. Ack! He was obviously fine. I think it was good for both of us to do… Continue reading Baby steps.