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Fundraising 2017: Gobena Coffee

I’m so excited to start our 2017 JDRF fundraising season! We’ve got some new ways to raise  money this year and will bring back a couple of the old ways!


Our first fundraiser for this year is Gobena Coffee. Based out of Gridley, IL, they are all about giving back. When they aren’t hosting a fundraiser, they are giving back to orphans. Be sure to read their story.

This amazing company has generously agreed to partner with Luke’s Lifesavers to raise money for our JDRF One Walk this fall!

They will be donating 50% of each sale to our team!


Gobena coffee beans are bought fresh, straight from the farmer. Then, Gobena small batch roasts them to bring out the unique, individual flavor. All their coffee is Fair Trade or Direct Trade. You can read more about the Gobena Coffee company on their Facebook page. When you purchase your coffee by the bag, you have the option of either whole bean or ground. They also have a K-cup option for you single-servers!


Remember our MudLOVE bracelets we sold last year? Gobena also sells hand-thrown MudLOVE mugs! I actually bought one of these mugs from a friend’s fundraiser and I absolutely LOVE it!

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Not interested in coffee or mugs? You can purchase a Gobena “Make a Difference” t-shirt or chocolate covered espresso beans. Or maybe you want several of their items? They have packages available, as well!


Want Gobena sent to you on a regular basis? Join one of their Coffee Clubs!

All you have to do is click on the picture below or follow this link. Before you shop, make sure it says, “Every item you purchase will support Luke’s Lifesavers JDRF Fundraising Team” at the top. Then shop until your heart is content! Items will be shipped directly to you. And if you have an order of $50 or more, it will ship to you for FREE!


Remember, Gobena Coffee will donate 50% of your total order to Luke’s Lifesavers! 

Thank you for all of your support!


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