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Meet the things that keep Luke alive…

I’m often talking about insets and pump sites and tubing, but I had a realization tonight.. a lot of you don’t know diabetes jargon! That’s okay! I didn’t either until I started living it everyday. So, let me introduce you to the things that keep Luke alive each and every day. (And the reason why… Continue reading Meet the things that keep Luke alive…

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Insulin pump vs. MDI.

“I know what an insulin pump is, but what is this MDI business?” This is one of the very first questions I asked my online Type 1 family. I learned that the pump and MDI are the two ways a diabetic can receive insulin. MDI = Multiple Daily Injections Some Type 1 Diabetics choose to do multiple… Continue reading Insulin pump vs. MDI.

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What do you mean he’s high?

Today’s vocabulary words are: high & low When a diabetic, whether a type 1 or a type 2, is talking about being high or low, they are referring to his/her blood sugar. Most diabetics are given a target range where their sugar should be. For Luke, this range is 70-150 right now. We will eventually… Continue reading What do you mean he’s high?

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What is a finger prick?

Today’s T1D term is: finger prick A finger prick is poking one of your fingers with a lancet in order to draw a drop of blood for a glucose blood test. A typical Type 1 will do as many as 12 finger pricks a day. He needs to do a finger prick to check his blood… Continue reading What is a finger prick?


What does bolus mean?

I thought I’d throw in a few T1D vocab posts in every once in awhile. I am a teacher, after all. Today’s T1D word is: bolus According to Miriam-Webster, a bolus means: a large dose of a substance given by injection for the purpose of rapidly achieving the needed therapeutic concentration in the bloodstream. In the… Continue reading What does bolus mean?