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T1D on vacation.

It’s time! It’s time! We’re going on vacation! This vacation was probably the most needed vacation we’ve ever taken. We rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge. It has a pool right across the road that we can use anytime. We didn’t have any definite plans, aside from meeting up with my college friend, Kim. It was so relaxing.

We tried to keep things as normal as possible. Here are a few things that we found to be a little different, now that we’re a T1D family.

  1. We had our first carb-counting experience within a restaurant. We stopped at Popeye’s in Indianapolis. We scoured My Fitness Pal and Luke’s Calorie King book to find the exact carb counts for his chicken fingers, fries and dipping sauce. I’m surprised our food was still warm by the time we found the counts, calculated insulin dose, and ate it. We’ll get faster in time. I’m sure of it.

25 01 vacation popeyes.jpg

2. We stopped & toured Mammoth Cave on our way down to Tennessee. We got to the bottom of the cave and sat down to rest with the rest of the group. We thought we should probably check Luke’s sugar while we were there. He wasn’t extremely low, but getting there. And we were only halfway through with the tour. So, we did our first correction with sugar. Guess what? We did it! He made it out okay!

26 02 vacation mammoth cave.jpg

3. In the T1D World, getting a perfect 100 is the ultimate goal. Some kids don’t get it for years after being diagnosed. Luke got his first 100 while we were on vacation. He was pretty stinkin’ excited!

29 01 100 club

4. We quickly learned that not every restaurant (or ice cream place) would have carb counts readily available. We went to The Island to get some ice cream. We were dumbfounded when they couldn’t tell us how many carbs were in the ice cream they just served up. We did our first guessing that night. I think we did okay?

5. The bag. Luke is learning that he now has to always have his supplies with him. The easiest way to do this is to carry them in a backpack. We constantly ask him if he’s got his bag. When we went to The Mellow Mushroom for dinner, he accidentally left his bag in the car. Fortunately he remembered it was in there. It was hot. And insulin can’t be left in a hot car.

29 22 vacation island ice cream

I have a feeling we’ll never stop learning!


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