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Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment yesterday. At his last appointment, his A1c was 5.0%. A typical goal for a T1D’s A1c is 7.0%. We were certain his A1c would be up a little bit- maybe to a 6.0% or so- because we feel like we’ve had less control than before. We thought maybe we had… Continue reading Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.


A new norm · Everyday life.


For the first time, Luke forgot he was diabetic. We were at Burger King, getting our lunch. He went to fill up his drink at the soda fountain. He placed his cup under the Hi-C Orange, his former drink of choice at most fast food restaurants. “Wait! You can’t do that!” I said, laughing. At… Continue reading Oops.

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How it’s going to be.

The other night we had Culver’s for dinner. I had a coupon, so I let Luke get a Concrete Mixer with dinner. He’s had one before, since diagnosis. No biggie. We’ll just bolus* for it. A few hours pass and we seemed to have done pretty well with our carb-counting and bolusing. Luke’s blood sugar remained… Continue reading How it’s going to be.

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We conquered the buffet.

Tonight was our Christmas Eve. We have many Christmas Eve traditions; the first is to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Our favorite local Chinese buffet closed last year, so we opted for Tucano’s, a Brazilian Grill & Buffet. Being a chain, we thought for sure we’d find nutritional information online… big fat NOPE. So… Continue reading We conquered the buffet.

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Sometimes I think it’s a dream.

Every once in awhile, usually while I’m getting dinner around, it hits me that this carb-counting stuff is forever. Tonight was one of those nights. I don’t really even know how to explain it. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to counting carbs that, for a mere second, I think, “Wait! I don’t really have… Continue reading Sometimes I think it’s a dream.

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And a cartridge in a pear tree.

When Luke made the switch from being MDI (multiple daily injections) to using the insulin pump, he cut his insulin pokes down from 5-6 shots a day to 1 site change every three days. It’s been a.maz.ing. Last night was a site change night. Before gathering his supplies, Luke asks me, “Are you going to record… Continue reading And a cartridge in a pear tree.

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Down 9.7 points.

When you are diabetic, you learn to speak a whole new language. I remember when we were first diagnosed, a friend & fellow T1D mom asked me what his A1c was. His A1-what? I learned later that an A1c is a number given to you, using an average of the last 2-3 months of blood sugar… Continue reading Down 9.7 points.

A new norm · Proud mom moments · T1D technology

We’re pumped.

We have been looking forward to November. November is the magic month where we get to switch over to an insulin pump. At our last diabetic education appointment, we sat down and looked at our different pump options. Luke really likes the t:slim. He loves the touch screen and the fact that it looks like an… Continue reading We’re pumped.

A new norm

But can he eat that?

We went to Rocket Science Ice Cream today. I was hoping they had carb counts, but nope. It’s alright. I’m getting pretty good at the guessing game. I think I gave the girl working behind the counter a minor heart attack when I told her I was asking for the carb count because Luke was… Continue reading But can he eat that?

A new norm · T1D technology

Meet Dex.

Meet Luke’s continuous glucose monitor, Dex. This baby is a godsend. There is a sensor that inserts into the back of his arm. This little sensor continuously sends updates of his glucose level to my phone. 24/7. If he gets too low for too long, it will alert us. If he goes too high for… Continue reading Meet Dex.