A new norm · Travelling

116 miles apart.

I’m so thankful for a husband who is in this T1D thing with me. I’m also thankful for a mom/grandma who is willing to take time off work and keep Luke’s diabetes in check during the day.

I had a 3-day conference in Chicago. This is a scary thing for a mom who is new to this whole T1D thing. Especially a mom who may have a bit of a control problem.

22 03 downtown chicago.jpg

I typed up all the daytime instructions. My mom went above and beyond and got all kinds of snacks and foods to correct a low blood sugar.

Joel rocked being a single T1D dad.

I got regular updates from both.

I learned lots during those three days. I learned some amazing things to use in my classroom. I learned that Luke is way more independent with this T1D thing than I gave him credit for. I learned that I have the best husband and the best mom ever.

I also learned that I’m doing my vacations all wrong by staying at cheap hotels. Look at this place!

22 01 chicago hilton ballroom.jpg


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