Awareness & advocacy

1.25 million people.

According to, in 2012, approximately 1.25 million American children and adults had type 1 diabetes just in the United States alone.

I belong to a few Facebook groups for parents of T1Ders. On one of them, they put together the college above is of some of the adults and children with T1D. It’s crazy to me that this is ONE Facebook group, and even then, not everyone submitted their photo.

So. Many. People.

I feel like I hear about more and more being diagnosed, as well. When Luke was in the hospital for DKA, there were four other brand new cases of Type 1 Diabetes besides him.

We need a cure. This is why I get so excited when I see breakthroughs with new technology or new trials. This is why I post a million things to my Facebook page about JDRF, T1D, and all of the organizations who are here to help find that cure. This is why I raise money for JDRF One Walk.

I would love for one day to say that Luke, and every other person in the world, once had Type 1 Diabetes.


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