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A dex graph & middle of the night lows.

I will often post screen shots of the Follow app for Luke’s Dexcom. I thought maybe I would kind of explain what it means.

Earlier I introduced you to Dex. Dex is Luke’s continuous glucose monitor (cgm). And he is pretty much my T1D BFF because he alerts me to Luke’s highs and lows, even if Luke is all the way across town. Heck, he’d do it even if he was in a different town!

A screen shot of my app looks like this.

16 01 330 wakeup call

This one is a shot of one of Dex’s 3:30 a.m. courtesy calls. As you can see, Luke’s glucose level is below the bottom of the safe range, which I have set to 70. When this happens in the middle of the night, I grab the 4 oz juice and the beef sticks on my dresser and head over to Luke’s room. I wake him & have him prick his finger to be sure his cgm is correct. If it is, he drinks the juice. We wait 15 minutes to see if his sugar goes up. If it goes up, he eats a beef stick to steady it. I usually make him swish his mouth out with ACT before going back to sleep. Because juice, teeth & sleep are not a good combo. If his sugar doesn’t go up, we repeat the whole process until it does.

15g of juice. Wait 15 minutes. Recheck.

Then, I grab caffeine on my way into school. And I grab some at prep. And I grab some at lunch. That usually gets me through the day before I go home and crash for the evening.

survive on coffee


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