Everyday life.


We have a love-hate relationship with pizza. Nearly every time Luke eats pizza, he has a major spike. Even if we bolus to the T. Even if he does insulin 15 minutes prior to eating. And it’s usually a late spike- sometimes 2-3 hours after he’s eaten it.


Enter swim practice. Starting this week, Luke has started to have major drops in his blood sugar about a half hour after swim practice is over. Like 20 points in a matter of 15 minutes drops. The past two nights, it’s actually scared Luke a little. He kind of had a look of panic when his Dex read 54 and a slight arrow down. He was feeling it. Big time.

So when Joel announced that we were going to have pizza and game night on Friday, I thought, “PERFECT!” I wanted to experiment and see if pizza would still spike him after swimming.

19 07 pizza spike after swimming

See for yourself! Here we are, two-and-a-half hours after eating, and we didn’t drop super low or get a spike!

So, do you think anyone would have a problem with ordering pizza every night through the swim season?


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