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Nutritional Facts: Restaurants

A few days ago I posted the nutritional sheets for many fast food restaurants so that they’re easy to get to, in one link. (I’ll be saving it to my home page on my phone!) Sometimes we actually have time to go out to a sit-down restaurant! And while we have a little more time… Continue reading Nutritional Facts: Restaurants

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Nutritional Facts: Fast Food

Picture this… it’s a crazy day – school, work, meetings, sports practices, music performances, a house to clean, meals to cook… If you’re anything like I am, the home-cooked meals are the first to go. On days like that, we will most likely run through a drive through and grab something on the way to… Continue reading Nutritional Facts: Fast Food

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Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

Before June 13, 2015, at dinner time we would fill our plates or grab a snack and start eating. Now, it takes a little more effort before we can eat. As you all probably know by now, we don’t limit Luke when it comes to carbs. He eats anything he ate before diagnosis. He eats anything that… Continue reading Step by step, it’s eatin’ time.

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Carb counting on the go.

One of the trickiest times to figure carbs is when you eat out. We jumped in head first when we went on vacation to Pigeon Forge two weeks after diagnosis last year. Our most common method of figuring up carb counts is to use the My Fitness Pal app on our phone. This app not… Continue reading Carb counting on the go.

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We have a love-hate relationship with pizza. Nearly every time Luke eats pizza, he has a major spike. Even if we bolus to the T. Even if he does insulin 15 minutes prior to eating. And it’s usually a late spike- sometimes 2-3 hours after he’s eaten it. Enter swim practice. Starting this week, Luke… Continue reading Experimenting.

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For the first time, Luke forgot he was diabetic. We were at Burger King, getting our lunch. He went to fill up his drink at the soda fountain. He placed his cup under the Hi-C Orange, his former drink of choice at most fast food restaurants. “Wait! You can’t do that!” I said, laughing. At… Continue reading Oops.