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Monday, schmonday.

Yesterday was Leap Day. I saw a meme on Facebook that said something like, “If we have to have an extra day, does it have to be a Monday?” I wholeheartedly agree.

Luke actually got up pretty good yesterday morning. (Some days getting up is not his forte.) He got dressed. I think he brushed his teeth. He even made his own breakfast. After that, things went downhill. Luke went to bolus for his breakfast, just before we walked out the door to go to school.

“Mom, something is wrong with my pump??”

We’d never seen it do this before. It said he ran out of insulin. I’m not sure how, though. We usually throw out so much insulin after a site change. He doesn’t use that much in three days.

Luke checked the cartridge. He started to refill the tubing. There was definitely insulin left in the cartridge. It dripped all over his pants. But it still wasn’t working right.

29 01 pump problems
Luke working on putting in a new site before school. (With his dad’s shoe, apparently??)

Luke thinks Finn might have reset the pump somehow. He was being really annoying all night- pawing at him. He thinks maybe he pawed the pump’s power button off… or he managed to hit the touchscreen in just the right way.

We don’t really know WHY it wasn’t working. But we do know that it definitely was NOT giving him any insulin.

“Sorry, buddy, I think you need to do a quick site change.”

You would think I told him his dog died. Oh my word. Tears. Anger. Frustration.

“When is your next site change supposed to be?”

Tonight. He is supposed to change his site tonight. We are only 12 hours early.

Silly hormones.

Needless to say, he changed his site and everything was running smoothly, just like it’s supposed to be. We still haven’t figured out the mystery. And I hope it never happens again. It really makes for a frustrating start to a Monday morning.


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