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A few of our favorite things.

With Type 1 comes a whole new world of shopping. Some of it necessity, some for ease. And some just for fun. Here are a few of our favorite things…



Sometimes Luke doesn’t like to keep his pump in his pocket. Sometimes he doesn’t have pockets. So, we got him a FlipBelt. He can slide his pump inside the tube to store it. His belt is a little bit loose, so he wraps his tubing around the belt a couple of times, just in case his pump slides out. It’s a perfect solution, especially for sleeping.

(Luke has an adult size small FlipBelt and wears a size 14/16, if you need help with sizing.)



We use Tegaderm to prolong the life our Luke’s Dexcom sensors. When the adhesive on the sensor starts coming up, we cover it with a piece of Tegaderm. Tegaderm is waterproof, so it’s perfect for showers & swim season. It’s allowed us to get up to 3 weeks out of our Dexcom sensor. It comes in several sizes. We use the smaller size, pictured above. A lot of people use the bigger 4×4 size. (Luke says it’s too big and feels weird.)

Chest Bag


This is the perfect bag for diabetic supplies. I did a whole ‘nother blog post on it earlier. It was perfect when we were still doing shots. It’s perfect now that Luke’s on the pump. Luke’s so used to wearing it that he feels weird NOT wearing it. And it comes in lots of different colors. Luke has a red one and an electric blue one.

RoadID Medical ID


While they were originally made for bikers, RoadID has branched out to the medical ID world, as well. Grandma bought Luke the Wrist ID Sport in red and bought an extra black band. On it, we have his name and birth year, Type 1 Diabetic/Insulin Pump, & my phone number, his dad’s phone number and his grandma’s phone number. They also have a an option to add a badge. We added the medical alert badge.

Medical Stickers & Tattoo

medical device sticker

I bought a few of these to keep on Luke’s Dexcom receiver and glucose meter. While I was on their site, I bought some of their tattoos. Just because they’re fun.

Pump Peelz


These are just for funsies. Luke has a steampunk skin for both his Dexcom receiver and his pump. The only purpose they serve is to change the look of his devices. If I can make having diabetes a little more fun for Luke, I’m doing it.

What are some of your favorite things for Type 1 Diabetics?

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