Family Day!

Last Saturday my parents, my sister & her family and my little family gathered together with 355 others at our church to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children. We volunteered for the last of many shifts that started the Wednesday before.


Our shift alone packed 134,136 meals that filled 621 boxes. That will feed 367 kids for an entire year! And we only worked for about an hour and a half! We paused for some pictures, too, but not very often because we had to resanitize our hands every time we touched something that wasn’t vitamins, veggies, soy, rice, or packaging. Plus, we had work to do!


Luke had to stop for a few minutes about three-quarters through our shift. He felt low and our agreement was that if he felt low, he would just treat instead of pulling out the meter and testing. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be too fond of blood in or on their food packs. He treated and hopped right back into his position. (Afterwards, we checked the Dex readings and didn’t see any lows. However, after treating he only went up to 120, so my guess is he was on his way down and felt the low before the cgm could register it. Pretty cool, if you ask me!)


When we were finished with our shift, they gave us the total number of meals packed by all of the shifts combined, Wednesday through Saturday morning. Wanna know?

Drum roll please…


AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! How awesome is that!? If you EVER get a chance to do something like this, especially as a family, DO IT! It’s such a rewarding experience, no matter your age.


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