A new norm · Everyday life.

One step closer to summer.

Our local ice cream joint, The Chief, opened on Monday.

19 chief opens

And everyone collectively yells, “YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Except my kid. We don’t stand in that line on the first day. No way, José. It makes him a little perturbed. And when it’s nice outside, like it was this year, we don’t stand in line the 2nd day. Or the 3rd. Or even the 4th day.

FINALLY, when we drove by on Friday after school, there was NO LINE.

19 03 chief
These weren’t today’s flavor choices, but they are two favorites of mine- raspberry and lemon.

I asked Luke what kind of ice cream he was going to get at this first outing. His words-

“I think I’ll get a scoop of high blood glucose and a scoop of blood sugar spike.”

Fortunately for us, they don’t have those flavors, so he opted for a scoop of cookies-n-cream and a scoop of peanut butter. I got a scoop of toasted coconut and a scoop of orange-pineapple.

22 02 the chief

Luke bolused for EIGHTY CARBS and ate every single bite of that deliciousness. I didn’t have to bolus, but I think I’ll be eating a salad for dinner… for the next two weeks. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!



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