Thanks for making me a mom, Luke.

Sorry, everyone out there… but I have the best kid ever.

5-8-04 mothersday
2004- 3 months old (Itty, bitty lukers.)
one year summer
2005- one year old (Gah! just look at him!)
Zoo Mommy & Luke
2006- two years old (During his train loving stage.)
zooluke & mommy carousel
2007- three years old (He is too curious to even look at the camera.)
vacation 008 zoo mom luke
2008- four years old (Just look at that little guy!)
mothers day 001
2009- five years old (LOVE him.)
mothers day 010
2010- six years old (Still love him and the awkward “smile for the picture” stage)
07 mom day cake 002
2011- seven years old (He asked dad to take him to Martin’s to decorate a cake for me.)
13 mothers day 01
2012- eight years old (Starting to loose his baby face.)
21 06 medieval times
2013- nine years old (We must have forgotten to take a mom’s day pic this year.)
11 01 mothers day
2014- ten years old (Just stop growing, okay!?)
10 04 mothers day
2015- eleven years old (I said STOP.)
12 01 mom luke date
2016- twelve years old (We’ve become way too cool for these photos, obviously.)

Happy Mothers’ Day!


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