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Going to grandma’s house.

Luke left for his annual summer trek to Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Wednesday for a little one-on-one time together.

04 06 fireworks
Luke and Grandma during his visit in 2013.

Just like any time Luke is away overnight, I’m grateful for the Dexcom. Luke’s at the age where I’m probably annoying him with my check-ins and texts, but I never know if he’s paying attention to his alarms or not.

The first day he was crazy high (for him) throughout the whole morning. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and text him to do a finger prick. Just as I suspected, the Dex was way off and needed calibrated.

Yesterday he and Grandma went to the zoo together. She thought he was bored… I reassured her that at 12 1/2, he’s bored at most anything. At least he has to act bored because that’s the cool thing to do. His sugars were amazing the whole day and into the night.

This morning, at almost 6 o’clock, I was rudely awakened with four fast, screaming beeps. Four fast, screaming beeps mean that Luke is dropping and dropping quickly. Now if that’s not a scary way to wake up, I don’t know what is. I grabbed my phone and clicked open the app.

lows at G&Gs

I texted him to see if he was on it. Nothing. I did my famous “mom’s freaking out texts” to try to wake him. Nothing. I would give him five minutes, then I was going to call him.

Just as I was about to call him, he responded. Whew! He was awake and he was going to check his sugar.

low at G&G texts

So it turns out ol’ Dex isn’t the greatest thing ever if he’s way off. Luke had what is called a “compression low.” He was laying on his arm, where his sensor is, and it often makes him seem lower than he really is.

I hope he got back to sleep okay. I’ve been good and haven’t texted him or really even looked at my app until I started writing this. (He is 74, by the way.)



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