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Just keep swimming.

Luke swam in his very first club swim meet last weekend. He was signed up to swim seven different events- 200 medley, 200 free, 100 free, 50 breast, 50 free, 50 fly, and 50 back. That’s a lot of events for his first time!

The text below gives you a good idea at Luke’s feelings towards the butterfly stroke.

25 02 butterfly stroke

It’s a hard stroke and I guarantee I couldn’t do it. He was DQ’d because his arms don’t come up out of the water. (DQ means disqualified… I’m sure he wishes it meant Dairy Queen, though.) He stayed encouraged, though, after we told him the people he’s swimming against have been swimming since they were 6-8 years old. He just started swimming competitively in January.

The one stroke he absolutely loves, though, is the backstroke. And he does pretty well at it, too.

25 03 swim meet
Luke’s in the second to farthest lane.

When the head coach saw his line up of events and there was only one backstroke event, he asked him why. Luke just shrugged. It’s what his age group coach signed him up for. (Now we know we can suggest and deny different events!)

25 01 swim meet

While he’s definitely not state material… yet… with practice I think Luke can be an amazing competitive swimmer. Watch him swim the 50 free below… he’s in the farthest lane.

He decided his goal wasn’t to be the best swimmer of all. His goal is to try to beat his own time, have fun, and stay healthy. Sounds like a good goal to me!


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