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If you haven’t heard of PokemonGo by now, perhaps you have been out of the country these past few weeks. This is an ingenious game by Nintendo combining an all-time fave of many, Pokemon, with exercise, socializing, and even family time! It’s brilliant! When the weather isn’t too hot, the three of us are out hunting Pokemon together as a family. It’s so fun!

We’ve found Pokemon in our living room…


At Target, in my cart and in the school supplies…

I caught this one in my hotel room in Florida…


You team up together to try to take over gyms, which are found in parks, churches, and other public places…


The first day we downloaded the app, we walked nearly nine miles. On one of our jaunts, we went to the courthouse where there were tons of other Pokemon hunters.

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Why am I telling you all this on a blog that normally focuses on Type 1? Because the first week of having PokemonGO on his phone, Luke’s blood sugar levels were amazingly even. On his Dexcom graph, he had one low, which was actually a false low, and one high, which was about 167 after his nighttime snack. Otherwise, his sugars were between 75 and 150 the whole entire week!

This is just one more way you can get your child (or yourself… seriously, Joel and I went hunting by ourselves last night) outside and moving to help T1s keep those blood sugar levels a little more in check!


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