Friday night pizza and Oreo review: Paesello’s & lemon thins.

Last week we started a new Friday night tradition- pizza and Oreos. We plan to try a different pizza place and a different flavor of Oreos each week. After dinner, we will rate the pizza and the Oreos… and, just for fun, track blood sugars before and after eating.

Our first pizza place for review was Paesello’s Pizzeria. This has always been one of my favorites, so I was excited to have pizza night this week! I also grabbed a package of lemon Oreo thins.

And the results are in…


I gave Paesello’s the highest review in the family with a 3.2 average. Luke gave it the lowest review with a 2.7 average. (I was actually surprised he ate it at all… usually he makes a PB&J when we order Paesello’s.)

Before we ate, Luke’s blood sugar was 85. He ate two pieces and pre-bolused for 70g of carbs. An hour later, his blood sugar was 129. Not too shabby!

Do we recommend Paesello’s? ABSOLUTELY!


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