Friday night pizza & Oreo review: Volcano Pizza

Week two of our new family tradition, we wanted to order Mancino’s, but they wouldn’t answer their phone to place an order. So, we called Volcano Pizza. I’ve never had pizza from this place before. Here are the official unofficial results:


As you can see, we weren’t really a fan. We got whatever their version of the meat pizza is called. None of us liked their ingredients. The sausage was spicy and there was a LOT of it. I only ate 1.5 pieces. The dogs enjoyed the 2nd half of my 2nd piece. Their garlic bread with cheese didn’t get rated, but Joel LOVED it. Luke LOVED it. I thought it was okay… it was really cheesy. And for me to say that, there has to be a LOT of cheese.

I totally forgot to buy Oreos this week.

Luke’s blood sugar was 156 before dinner. He pre-bolused for 100 carbs- three pieces of pizza and three pieces of garlic bread with cheese. He ate the garlic bread. Then, after one piece of pizza, he decided he didn’t like the pizza enough to finish. (ACK!!) So he had applesauce, Doritos and peanut butter to (hopefully) cover the rest of the carbs he didn’t eat. An hour after bolusing, his sugar was 207. An hour an a half later, it was 125. Two hours later, 75 and stabilizing. Whew.

Do we recommend Volcano Pizza? Not really.


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