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Did you lose something?

Our first time out on the boat this season, I was prepared for anything. I brought so. much. stuff. Candy for lows, snacks, sandwiches, water, soda, two pump site changes, a few GrifGrips and Tegaderm to secure Luke’s pump site and Dexcom, extra insulin, a glucagon, several towels, changes of clothing, sunblock… and the list goes on. It was a bit too much and left us with very little room on the boat.

27 02 boat
I don’t remember the last time he took a normal picture. #preteenhumor

So when we went out on the boat last weekend, I learned from my previous mistake and took the bare minimum. We each had a bottle of water and a towel. I brought sunscreen, one site change set, the leftover lemon Oreo thins, a glucagon, and some sugar.

It worked out well. It was the perfect amount of supplies. Well, almost. I forgot to secure Luke’s pump site and Dexcom sensor before we left. And I didn’t bring any GrifGrips or Tegaderm. I kept a close eye on that Dexcom sensor that day. By the time we were done on the boat… after Luke had spent a LOT of time out on the water tubing… his Dexcom sensor was nearly out of his arm. We had him pull it out- it wasn’t working anymore. And, of course, it was Day 7 so we couldn’t get it replaced.

27 01 boat

As we were unloading the boat, I gave Luke his pump so he could reconnect. His pump site has never needed extra adhesive. Until now. His pump site was completely gone. I was so glad I bought another one, especially since we were heading to get some lunch/dinner!

So, once again, we learned from another mistake made. And I’m okay with that… as long as we continue to learn.


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