Friday night pizza & Oreos review: Mancino’s & candy corn

Let me preface this blog post by saying I have fond memories of going to Mancino’s with my grandma on Wednesday nights before church. We’d get grinders and breadsticks while Luke would get baked spaghetti. She’d sneak him a few bucks after he was finished with his spaghetti so he could go and get some ice cream for dessert. So I was pretty excited to get dinner tonight, as it’s been forever since I’ve had Mancino’s.


As you may remember, we were originally going to order Mancino’s for last week’s review. However, they wouldn’t answer their phone. In hindsight, we should have taken that as a sign. Joel ordered the pizza while I went to pick Luke up from swimming. He was quoted 20 minutes for pick up. Luke and I arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early & stayed in the car until the 20 minute mark. Fast forward through the boring parts. FORTY MINUTES LATER, I receive our pizza and breadsticks. 4-0. Forty.

As I mentioned above, Joel ordered over the phone, so we were unable to see the specials. (Yes, he could have asked, but didn’t.) He ordered a medium supreme pizza. I was rung up at $13.99. On their specials board it was listed: Large supreme- $11.00. I don’t know about you, but I would have appreciated them telling us we could size up our pizza and save $3.00. Customer courtesy and all. Obviously not required, but that sure would have made me feel like maybe I should return.

So, while I don’t typically rate the service, I do tonight. Two thumbs down for service. Mostly because I had to wait twice as long as I was promised.


As you can see, Luke was really fond of this pizza! I think it’s his favorite so far. It was pretty average for Joel and me. The thing I was most excited for, the breadsticks, have totally changed. I was so disappointed!

Now, the Oreos…

Photo credit: The Cooking Channel

I picked up a package of Candy Corn Oreos (as well as next week’s secret flavor) when we were at Target last weekend. I’m proud to say they were just opened tonight! (Yay willpower! And yay out-of-sight, out-of-mind!)

As soon as I cut open the package, I could smell the sweetness of these babies. These are super yummy, but oh-so-sweet. They remind me a lot of buttercream. We won’t have any issue finishing this package. (Sorry, teacher friends… they won’t be in the lounge.)

Luke’s blood sugar was 88 before pizza. He bolused for half the carbs before he ate his pizza and breadsticks and then bolused the last half of his insulin after he was finished. An hour and a half later, he was a bit high (for him, anyway), at 180. For pizza? I’ll take it!

Do we recommend Mancino’s? If you’re okay with super slow service, sure. We will probably not be returning, though. Do we recommend Candy Corn Oreos? Heck yeah!


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