Friday night pizza & Oreos: Chicago’s Downtown Eatery & peanut butter.

During the week, Joel asked if I’d ever heard about Chicago’s Downtown Eatery in Bristol. I hadn’t. But boy am I glad he found it! chicagoseaterypizza

They claim this pizza is deep dish, Chicago-style. It has a thicker crust, but I’m not sure I’d call it deep dish. The toppings seemed to be pretty typical. Delicious, but a normal pizza amount.


Our Oreos this week had peanut butter filling. Both Joel and Luke say these are the best Oreos ever and gave them a 4. I spoiled it, though, and only gave them a 2. Maybe my expectations were too high, but they were just meh to me.


Luke bolused for 40g of carbs per piece. The highest his blood sugar ever got after two pieces of pizza, four Oreos and 8 oz of apple cider (a very special treat, as he rarely gets juice except for a low) was 152.

We will definitely be returning to this pizza place! It was really, really good!


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