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Vision check.

At Luke’s last endo appointment, the doctor recommended that Luke start getting regular eye exams. I think she may have told me the same thing two times ago, but I completely forgot. So, he had his first eye exam today. We met the eye doctor for the first time today, as well…  he seems like a man who takes life very seriously. I’m not sure he cracked one single smile throughout our entire interaction.


Luke was called back for his exam and about twenty minutes later, the eye doctor called me back. I entered the exam room where Luke was already sitting, holding a Kleenex stained with the familiar yellow dilation drops. As I walked in, I got this horrible feeling of dread, like something huge had happened over the course of the past year and he’s going to not only need glasses, but surgery or something crazy like that.


The eye doctor began, “The diabetus we’re dealing with here is what we call level 1, or juvenile diabetus. It means he’s insulin dependent. He says his sugar levels are pretty steady, between 80 and 120 and his A1c is 4.6%*, which is really good.” I laughed- on the inside. Did he really think I didn’t know this already? We live this every single day.


Luke and I were discussing the appointment in the car afterwards. His positive attitude amazes me. “Mom, maybe he was thinking out loud. He probably normally has Type 2 diabetics, so he was thinking out loud so he was sure to give us the right information.” And then he says, “At least he knows the difference between Type 1 and Type 2. Even though he calls it diabetus.” He’s always looking at the bright side and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I learn from him all the time.

Oh, and his eyes? They are completely fine. 20/20 vision.

*His A1c two appointments ago was 4.6%. Now it’s 5.2% or something like that. I didn’t correct him.


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