I was that mom today.

And I was okay with it.

Normally, if Luke leaves something he needs for school at home, I tell him, “Sorry, bud.” “Tough luck.” “Hopefully you’ll learn from it.” And all of those other mom sayings.

Today, it wasn’t Luke that called me. He knows what I’d typically say. It was my husband. He felt badly because, for the second time this week, Luke forgot to bring his swim bag for practice afterwards. When you forget your swim things, you have to do “dry lands,” which means a pretty decent workout around the pool, which is really hot and humid. It’s not fun at all.

I almost said no. But I quickly remembered that I have never- not once- had to leave work to go get Luke’s diabetes bag. He has remembered his life-saving supplies every.single.day. since diagnosis.

This kid- my kid- he’s a pretty responsible one. Sure, he forgets his swim bag once or twice. Sometimes even in the same week. But we’ve all had bad days… weeks.

So today I chose grace. That’s not easy for me to do. I’m very much a learn-your-lesson-the-hard-way type person. And I hope Luke remembers this day. Not because I deserve to be remembered for showing grace… but because someday he will need to show grace to someone. I’d much rather he take the example I showed him today than my normal example.


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