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Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: Beyond Type 1 Drop Hats.

We did it! We made it to the last giveaway of the day! Our last giveaway is another one donated by Beyond Type 1. I would highly encourage you to take a look around the Beyond Type 1 website. There is so much helpful information over there; every time I visit the site, I find… Continue reading Luke’s 2nd Diaversary Giveaway: Beyond Type 1 Drop Hats.

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Tonight we drew the winner of the ExpressionMed Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a month’s worth of site savers in either the cgm size or the infusion set size. My handsome assistant drew the name for us. Drumroll please…  Congratulations, Kari S.! I will email you to get your address so Meghan can mail your CGM ExpressionMed… Continue reading ExpressionMed Giveaway… WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


I was that mom today.

And I was okay with it. Normally, if Luke leaves something he needs for school at home, I tell him, “Sorry, bud.” “Tough luck.” “Hopefully you’ll learn from it.” And all of those other mom sayings. Today, it wasn’t Luke that called me. He knows what I’d typically say. It was my husband. He felt… Continue reading I was that mom today.

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Culver’s Cares Night.

We had our final fundraiser for the 2016 walk this week at our local Culver’s. It was simple. I contacted the general manager. We set up a date. I arrived with friends and family volunteers. We worked delivering food to tables, greeting customers at the door, and wiping the tables and chairs clean for three hours.… Continue reading Culver’s Cares Night.

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Low carb chocolate chip cookies.

I’m always trying to find lower-carb options to make for meals and snacks. We believe the lower carb Luke eats, the steadier his sugars. (Although we certainly don’t ban all carbs from him!) My husband also tries to stick to a ketogenic diet. I truly think eating less carbs would be beneficial to me, as well. However, it’s… Continue reading Low carb chocolate chip cookies.


Join us at the new Beyond Type 1 app!

Beyond Type 1 has just launched their new app! The goal in creating this app is to allow the Type 1 community- parents, grandparents, children, caregivers and anyone else whose life is affected by Type 1- to come together, share stories, support each other, and find inspiration within one another. It’s also a place to ask questions… Continue reading Join us at the new Beyond Type 1 app!

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He’s home! He’s home! (And the pros/cons of camp).

Luke, member of the Chippewa cabin and 2016 Mock Rock champion, is officially HOME! After meeting with the awesome med staff to get a quick run-down of how he did medically- he did AMAZINGLY well… he was never over 200 and only below 70 once! They were surprised at his independence with all things T1 and were impressed… Continue reading He’s home! He’s home! (And the pros/cons of camp).

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Camp John Warvel, part 3.

I am so grateful that the camp has staff in charge of taking pictures and posting them on social media! I love seeing Luke at camp, doing what kids at camp do. And, while he has a scowl on his face in most of the pictures, I think he really is having a good time.… Continue reading Camp John Warvel, part 3.