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Review: Genteel Lancing Device, plus get $15.00 off

We are so excited to do a review of the Genteel Lancing Device! We have heard over and over about how wonderful this device is for sore & worn-out fingers. We wondered if it was really worth the price… so Luke tested it to find out!


Is the Genteel really painless?

The Genteel is most definitely less painful than a regular lancing device. When asked how painful it was compared to a regular lancing device, Luke says there is minimal pain from it. (A .5 on a scale of 1 to 10.) Here is a diagram from the Genteel website that shows how they make the poke painless.


Is the Genteel easy to work?

There is a learning curve to making it work correctly. However, once you figure out how to hold the Genteel and practice the steps a couple of times, it’s pretty easy.  Luke had it figured out after just one “mess up.” He knew he needed the yellow contact tip so it would go a little deeper than the factory setting tip. After a couple of practices, he had it down! When I asked Luke if it was easy to work he answered, “Relatively.” My mini-man of many words.


Is the Genteel kid-friendly?

Yes! Of course! This is the most kid-friendly lancing device out there. As well as being painless and easy to use, you can choose from a variety of colors. It also comes with stickers! Even my 13 year old had fun decorating his Genteel… his created a Dolphin Ninja device because that’s what teenagers do.


Is the Genteel adult-friendly?

Yes! If you aren’t into the bright colors and the stickers, you don’t have to use them. The Genteel also comes in black, white, silver, gold and platinum. Because even adults prefer painless pokes.

So how does the Genteel work?

Luke did a video to share his thoughts and show how easy & painless using the Genteel Lancing Device is…

How much does the Genteel cost and what is included in the purchase?

The Genteel Lancing Device is $129.00 and includes the lancing device in your choice of color, six contact tips, a deluxe travel & organizer pouch, two nozzles, a holding clip for the pouch & belt, sticker sheets, and a sample pack of lancets. (If you choose a coated metal lancing device in platinum or gold, the cost is $199.00.)

Enter the code KIDS15 for $15.00 off your purchase!


Is the Genteel worth the price?

Most definitely! If you or your child has built up callouses on your fingers and/or it is sore to do your finger pokes, you need the Genteel Lancing Device! As if you needed more convincing, you can read more testimonials on their website.

Ready to buy a Genteel Lancing Device for yourself or your child?

Just go on over to their website and click the pink “BUY NOW” button in the top right corner! Be ready to be amazed!





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