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Nutritional Facts: Restaurants

A few days ago I posted the nutritional sheets for many fast food restaurants so that they’re easy to get to, in one link. (I’ll be saving it to my home page on my phone!) Sometimes we actually have time to go out to a sit-down restaurant! And while we have a little more time… Continue reading Nutritional Facts: Restaurants

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Nutritional Facts: Fast Food

Picture this… it’s a crazy day – school, work, meetings, sports practices, music performances, a house to clean, meals to cook… If you’re anything like I am, the home-cooked meals are the first to go. On days like that, we will most likely run through a drive through and grab something on the way to… Continue reading Nutritional Facts: Fast Food

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You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

If you have seen Luke anywhere in public, you probably noticed that he carries a sling bag with him at all times. In this bag is everything he needs to take care of his blood sugar. His meter that checks to see what his blood glucose level is, candy to eat when his sugar is… Continue reading You forgot your arm. (And here’s a cool app, too.)

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It’s summertime!

I remember almost two years ago when Luke was first diagnosed. I was so nervous to let him do anything. I was the epitome of a helicopter mom. But I let him be a kid. The first few times he went to youth group, there I was in the parking lot, phone in hand for when he calls to tell me he needs me to come and rescue him from low blood sugar. (That never happened, by the way.)

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Review: Genteel Lancing Device, plus get $15.00 off

We are so excited to do a review of the Genteel Lancing Device! We have heard over and over about how wonderful this device is for sore & worn-out fingers. We wondered if it was really worth the price… so Luke tested it to find out! Is the Genteel really painless? The Genteel is most… Continue reading Review: Genteel Lancing Device, plus get $15.00 off

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Easter candy carb counts.

While most of Luke’s Easter basket is filled with non-candy items, we do put a little candy in his basket. He also gets plenty of candy from friends, school, and grandparents, too. So I’m thankful that Beyond Type 1 created this list of carb counts for Easter candy. I wanted to share it with you,… Continue reading Easter candy carb counts.

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Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Easter season is upon us, and for parents of Type 1 kids, it can be a little trickier to fill Easter baskets every year. Our family is in the “he can eat anything he wants to, for the most part” camp here. However, even before Type 1, we tried to limit the amount of candy… Continue reading Non-candy Easter basket ideas.

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Product Review: Expressionmed and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi my blog friends! We have been so crazy busy lately, there seems to be no time for blogging anymore. However, I wanted to make time to share with you a new business! Expressionmed is a brand new company founded by a college student named Meghan Sharkus. She has created a 7-day waterproof solution for Dexcoms… Continue reading Product Review: Expressionmed and a GIVEAWAY!

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Mission: Impossible.

Like I said in my previous post, Luke had another amazing endo appointment this month. The biggest change the doctor wants us to make is for Luke to eat more. I chalked his skinniness up to being a swimmer and having practices five days a week for one and a half hours each. And, that very… Continue reading Mission: Impossible.

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Fall back!

Don’t forget to not only turn your clocks back, but your pump and meters, too! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!