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October must be the month for doctors. Luke had his quarterly endo appointment at the beginning of the month. (Yeah for an A1c of 4.9%!) During fall break, we made up a dentist appointment I completely spaced the week before. (No cavities!) The dentist was impressed with Luke’s height and shoe size, but not so much… Continue reading Doctors. 

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Another great checkup!

Luke continues to take great care of himself! At his quarterly checkup earlier this week, the biggest advice from the endo was for him to… EAT MORE! (Obviously, she’s not paying the grocery bill.) Other than that, he is still doing amazingly well. It’s been a year and a half since his diagnosis and they tell us… Continue reading Another great checkup!

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Unsolved mysteries.

So far, we’re pretty okay with endo days. We get a day off of school. We go out for lunch. And, we always get to baffle the endo. As most of you know, Luke was diagnosed over a year ago- in June 2015. His A1c was high, of course. I can’t remember exactly what it… Continue reading Unsolved mysteries.

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4.6%, say whaaaaat?

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment a week ago. I felt like we were starting to come out of honeymoon because we were seeing a lot more sugar levels on the higher end of his range. I didn’t feel like we were seeing many on the lower end, let alone below his range. Because of… Continue reading 4.6%, say whaaaaat?

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Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

Luke had his quarterly endocrinologist appointment yesterday. At his last appointment, his A1c was 5.0%. A typical goal for a T1D’s A1c is 7.0%. We were certain his A1c would be up a little bit- maybe to a 6.0% or so- because we feel like we’ve had less control than before. We thought maybe we had… Continue reading Warning: shameless mom-brag inside.

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Paging Dr. Luke.

Throughout most of elementary school, Luke wanted to be a teacher. He also wanted to co-own a board game store with his dad. In 5th grade, after he realized he couldn’t be a teacher AND go to Notre Dame, he decided he wanted to be an architect. He was really excited when he heard the architect… Continue reading Paging Dr. Luke.