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What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.

It’s been almost a month since we gave Dex the boot. In true teacher-reflection form, here are a few takeaways I have from being cgm-free. *Having a cgm was ruling my life. Knowing what Luke’s sugar is doing 24/7/365 is a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. Sure, it’s nice to see he’s steady and… Continue reading What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.


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Dex change night.

Luke’s Dexcom sensor fell off during swim practice tonight. (Thank goodness, he felt it and it didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool!) When a new sensor goes in, it takes two hours to “prep” itself. So as soon as we walked in the door, Luke put a new sensor in… and he actually… Continue reading Dex change night.

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Just keep swimming.

Luke loves swimming. In fact, he’s debating whether or not to go out for the middle school swim team next week. (I’m nudging him in the “DO IT!!!” direction.) Anytime we have a hotel stay, we have to make sure it has a pool. Preferably indoor, especially when it’s not summertime. A couple of weeks… Continue reading Just keep swimming.

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A dex graph & middle of the night lows.

I will often post screen shots of the Follow app for Luke’s Dexcom. I thought maybe I would kind of explain what it means. Earlier I introduced you to Dex. Dex is Luke’s continuous glucose monitor (cgm). And he is pretty much my T1D BFF because he alerts me to Luke’s highs and lows, even… Continue reading A dex graph & middle of the night lows.