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What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.

It’s been almost a month since we gave Dex the boot. In true teacher-reflection form, here are a few takeaways I have from being cgm-free.


*Having a cgm was ruling my life. Knowing what Luke’s sugar is doing 24/7/365 is a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. Sure, it’s nice to see he’s steady and safe. But for Luke, he is rarely out of range. And when he is, he totally knows what to do. It was not a good thing for me to see that he’s dropping and text him at school in a panic. Nine times out of ten, he had already taken care of it because he felt the drop before the cgm even told him he was dropping, which leads me to the next learning point.


*Luke has totally got this diabetes thing. He doesn’t need a cgm. Shoot, he barely needs me. When Luke knows what his sugar is doing before the Dex knew?  It’s a pretty clear sign that ol’ Dexy isn’t needed.


*Luke seems happier. There was a point where I was legitimately concerned about Luke being depressed because of T1. That was about the same time that he requested to go cgm-free. Since we gave him that freedom, he seems happier. He tells us that he feels much more “normal,” like how he felt before he had T1.


We have agreed that we can continue to be cgm-free until it’s an absolute necessity again. There are two main reasons we’d put it back on- a sickness that completely messes with his sugar or if he slacks on keeping up with self-management. Otherwise, we trust Luke. Yes, it’s scary at times- especially now that he has P.E. and swim practice back-to-back during the week. But Luke knows what to do.


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