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What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.

It’s been almost a month since we gave Dex the boot. In true teacher-reflection form, here are a few takeaways I have from being cgm-free. *Having a cgm was ruling my life. Knowing what Luke’s sugar is doing 24/7/365 is a blessing and a curse all wrapped into one. Sure, it’s nice to see he’s steady and… Continue reading What I’ve learned from giving up the cgm.


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Carb counting on the go.

One of the trickiest times to figure carbs is when you eat out. We jumped in head first when we went on vacation to Pigeon Forge two weeks after diagnosis last year. Our most common method of figuring up carb counts is to use the My Fitness Pal app on our phone. This app not… Continue reading Carb counting on the go.

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Jumpstart outta bed.

Nothing gets me out of bed faster than a Dexcom alarm going off because it hasn’t had data in four hours. Luke usually hovers around 100 all night; however, when this happens, I always think, “What if…” Fortunately, he was walking out of his room as I was approaching his door to check on him… Continue reading Jumpstart outta bed.

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Meet Dex.

Meet Luke’s continuous glucose monitor, Dex. This baby is a godsend. There is a sensor that inserts into the back of his arm. This little sensor continuously sends updates of his glucose level to my phone. 24/7. If he gets too low for too long, it will alert us. If he goes too high for… Continue reading Meet Dex.