The beginning

Luke’s got the sickies.

June 10, 2015

Luke went to a buddy’s birthday party today. He was enjoying what all kids enjoy at a summer birthday party- swimming, ice cream cake, fruit punch, giving gifts, and having fun.

It was almost time to go pick him up and I get a phone call. Luke had just gotten sick. Of course, I left right away to pick him. Apologized to everyone who was there. Hoped and prayed their kids didn’t catch the bug that Luke must have caught somewhere.

10 01 sickie

I’ll be okay, mom. It’s just the flu.

We got home and I got him settled on the couch with his iPad and headphones. He still didn’t feel great, but he felt a little better.

He rested through the evening. Ate a little bit, but didn’t want to risk throwing up anymore.


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