The beginning

Thirsty much?

June 3, 2015

Luke has officially graduated from Model Elementary! He doesn’t mention stomachaches much anymore. He is always wanting something to drink, though. Must be the warmer summer air. Of course, drinking all that he does, he’s always using the bathroom!

03 03 sb cubs.jpg

We celebrated the end of the school year by going to a South Bend Cubs game for Teacher Appreciation Night. Luke invited his buddy, Gustavo. For some reason, Luke was super grumpy. I asked him what was wrong.

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m just really tired. And thirsty!

03 02 sb cubs

We got up to get some dinner from the concession stand. They were super busy, so we had to wait a bit before they even gave us our drinks.

I’m going to walk over to the drinking fountain to get a drink.

Um, okay? They’ll have it ready for us in a minute or two. We sat down. Ate our food. Watched the game. Cubs won.

I need to get another drink before we go.

And get another drink he did… it was a loooooooong drink.

That night, after Luke had gone to bed, Joel and I were talking about Luke and how he’s not been himself lately. And the drinking & peeing!

Do you think he has diabetes?” I wondered.

Nah. Surely not.


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