The beginning


June 13, 2015, Part 4

They wheeled us right into our room and got Luke settled into his bed. The next hour or so was pure craziness. I had a nurse asking questions for her records. I had a doctor asking questions for his records. There was a student doctor asking random questions in between the other two question sessions. They needed to get him hooked up to the hospital IV machines… blood pressure cuff… heart rate monitor…

Once they were done and we were settled, we had our first visitors. Lisa and Olivia stopped by to visit. Luke was happy to see some familiar faces in the sea of all these doctors & nurses.

13 07 T1D hospital olivia

After their visit, Luke asked me to turn off all the lights and noise so he could get some rest. I don’t blame him. DKA is exhausting enough, but with all the hospitals and transfers and new doctors and nurses… he needed rest! I’m pretty sure I shed a few tears once he fell asleep.

13 08 T1D hospital resting

I know both sets of grandparents came at some point during that day, too. I am so grateful for those people. Always checking up on us to see if we needed anything. Driving up/over to South Bend to show support & love. I wish I would have gotten pictures of them, too.


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